Opening to the Heavens- Destiny.

21st August 2017

Pangon Lake the highest salt water lake in world at 15.000ft above sea level. The journey there over the Changla pass, 17586ft..another epic trip on these tracks they call roads.

We weren’t aware such an amazing experience would be had here. As group of 22 we made a mandala out of stones which we all stood in on the side of the lake. Judy channeled light language and what came through was we had been here before as a group of light beings in Atlantis times and closed the portal of light which we now have opened.I saw purple light of transmutation.

Later I sat by the lake and this is the message I got. Destiny.We all end up where we are meant to be in the end.God’s plan is never what we anticipate and we often have to take a rocky hard road in life ruled by our heads before we choose differently. When you get out of your head and into your heart you will find life will become more of a flow, an easier road. One that is much more fulfilled and blessed. The light road. Like the water lapping on the shore of Pangon lake in Ladahk. It just gently flows, no resistance, it just does what it does. 

Here I sit beneath the beautiful Himalayas on the edge of Pangon Lake. Only because I listened to my heart and the voice of my soul am I here. Sharing with 21 others an amazing experience of bringing light and love to all of planet earth and beyond. Over the last 10 days we have gone over two of the highest passes you can drive in the world, it hasn’t been a journey for the faint hearted. For some more of a challenge than others but we have made our destination and fulfilled our purpose, not that any of us knew what that was when we put our hand up to Judy to search for the golden Tara. For me I had some discomfort but it was quite easy as I have done a lot of work on myself over the years.I did feel like I had come home when arriving in Leh but more so here at Pangon Lake, under the mountains. I know I am on the right path.

Life is but a souls journey where we are guided by spirit to be the best we can be and for the highest good of all beings. We have chosen this early life to bring the light in from the planet we came from. 22 of us were chosen to come and open the portal of light here, that which we shut many lifetimes ago.

My journey has but begun around the world, to where I will be guided to connect with souls I have meet before. To spread the light to those that need it in other countries. To have fun,joy and laughter. May all beings be happy, may all beings be free. I trust I will be guided and protected by the light, to listen to my heart and soul in all situations.

To top this trip off at Pangon Lake I saw 3 Ufo s.

Blessings to all.

Flower xx


One thought on “Opening to the Heavens- Destiny.

  1. Aah Lesley. Yes. How crazy is it so easy to see in others what is good for them and to follow their hearts. I am soo happy for you to be in the next stage of sharing and living in your truest light.. I’m sure you see it in others and shining your light even brighter will empower those around you even more. Blessings and love as always xxx


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