Paris…..Heaven on Earth…

The flight from Kathmandu to Paris was long and tiring with just a few hours sleep as I flew via Dubai.What an easy place to arrive at, straight through customs with no questions,just a stamp to allow me to stay in Europe for 3 months. The place felt deserted after being in Kathmandu, also seemed very clean. To get to the apartment I was to stay in was 3 train rides away.First train into Paris city was easy, but underground have no consideration for people with big suitcases. One lift and after trying to find the next train, decided easier to get taxi.Arrived at apartment which was up 4 flights stairs with 25 kg suitcase, wasn’t fun.

Had a rest and my lovely friend Anita arrived. She had a walking tour planned out for us. After a few trains into the city centre..we did a whole days walking in 3 hours…we walked 23 km…Went to churches , beautiful old buildings, Norte dame, and even an bookshop that sold English books..The building that housed it had quite a history and was intriguing on its own , on the top floor was a piano and someone playing it. This seemed a theme for us on this day, everywhere we entered seemed to have piano music. By the time we got back to apartment it was 830pm just got dark…of cause after coming from Asia where it was dark by 6 ..seems strange. We found lovely wee restaurant on corner to have a steak…was feeling like I needed real food and meat after living on Dalbut for 5 weeks. I was shattered and realised I had been up for 2 days.

I was intrigued by the buildings in Paris that are so old. Nz is such a young country. Visited Muse’e De orangerie and Muse`e d`Orsay to see the wonderful works of Art by many impressionist s like Monet, Van Goff and more…The arts dating back to 1700s. Visited Sainte -chapelle plein which had the most amazing architecture and painted window s.

Walked to Effiel Tower what an amazing fleet of engineering that is….beautiful gardens surrounding it.

Another long day, walked 23 km and decided cheese,wine and salad sounded great for dinner and chill out at the apartment.

The next day my 55th Birthday and wanted to spend it at Paris Disney . Axelle who had stayed with me in Ruby Bay, had said when I come to France we have to go to Disney, so had a wonderful day with her, Vincent and Anita. My last day in Paris before leaving to go south I said goodbye to Anita, spent the day looking around a very ancient cemetery, pere lacrosse cemetery, acres and acres of very old statues and tombs. Famous people like Oscar Wilde buried there…quite some thing. . The stone statues were probably some best I saw in Paris. Found also on local street amazing Art work painted on high apartments. Took time in the evening to catch my breath and chill out in a hot bath with glass French red wine…The home luxuries at last. Felt like a Goddess as I slipped into the bubbles and water. I am sure I am doing this journey around the right way, yes can’t speak the language but it’s westernized. After Nepal it’s heaven on earth.

Thank you 

Angel xxxx


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