Allowing the Flow.

We are all human after all. Patience doesn’t always comes naturally. We often want everything now and don’t want to wait. Sometimes there is something better waiting around the corner, if we dare to wait. When we push, instead of allowing the flow, we end up with something we don’t necessarily want. It is our […]

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Each day is a new journey.

At the moment I live in a very beautiful spot in the world called Ruby Bay. Each morning I open the curtains and watch the sun come up. As we know regardless of whether it’s a sunny day or not the sun always is there. Otherwise we would be in the dark ages. Today is […]

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What This is All About!!

Well don’t we all ask that question of life, over and over again. No matter how old or young we are. If we have an enquiring mind and a curious nature then that is the human thing to do. We haven’t chosen to come to this earth school to be bored, we have come here […]

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