The Way….The Time and Place

Day 20

The morning is crisp and clear, we set out along the country road and slowly start to climb up a gradual hill. I am sharing my awareness about what had come up the night before.

The first day of my trip on The Way I met a lady who is French and 74 years old..She is walking the Camino for the 3rd time. Ten years ago she had severe arthritis, couldn’t barely walk  and cut gluten out of her diet and now she walking over 800km. How does this relate to my insights? Well my Nana Florence Evans we lived with when I was growing up, she had severe arthritis from her mid 50s, couldn’t go anywhere as her legs did not bend. She was where I got my love from, not having a great relationship with my mother who resented living in her mother in law house,and didn’t like the relationship I had with Nana. Anyway my Nana had Irish blood she was an Aicken. I think there connection here with celiac and arthritis. I have had this severe pain in my feet for days, I don’t think it’s mine I think I am carrying ancestral stuff, the message about inherited sadness and Awakened Grief I am sure related back to the Aicken family, I am not sure what went on there but it will become evident and will be cleared.

The Camino is a place of clearing stuff, generations of stuff sometimes. The walk seems to go on today with nothing but vastness of ploughed wheat fields and then you come over a rise and there in the hollow is a wee town coming into view.Hontanas.Quite unique, we stop to rest , have coffee, food and loo stop. Some guys are cleaning down the outside of the old church, in the bucket of a loader , no straps, no helmets, no safety, in NZ they ‘ve have field day with these guys. So refreshing to see. The old way in a small town, no fear. The inside of church was being restored. The Day warmed up and got to about 25 degrees, we found spot under trees in Autumn leaves to take our boots off for a break…20 km isn’t too far when you stop every 5 km.

We come across some old ruins of San Anton. Once an old monastery, absolutely beautiful place, little cubby holes in walls along the road still where the monks used to leave food for the pilgrims as they came by,back in the day. Destination for today Castrojeriz, the walk in seemed to go on and on…my feet hurting. The town very spread out about 2 km from one end to next…found church window there with Star of David on it. Two years ago I had Green stone necklace made in the shape of heart with Star David engraved in it. I had got the message to have it made, my girls gave it to me for my birthday, I was told it was to be worn when I travel, at the time I didn’t know what that meant. I don’t take it off and some people recognize it as. New Zealand. It feels like my guiding stone.

Day 21

Castrojeriz to Fromista…..Once again similar country side….ploughed wheat fields but also walking along a water canal which was nice, you come across same people each day, sometimes behind, some times in front. We came across some vegetable they were ploughed up, looked like a cross between a Swede and Kumara, not sure if it was for animal or human consumption but they were big. Piles of them on the paddock. Was nice to finally walk into Fromista and take boots off and relax..The 3 older French men who had seen last few days were staying at same accommodation as me. Also couple from Latvia, who I got chatting with, they spoke good English and keen to come to NZ…

Man at the Albergue was very rude, first time I had encountered that…place was nice but wouldn’t recommend it cause him.


Angel xx


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