The Way…..Light feet…Light body.

Day 26.

Last night turned out quite entertaining really, nothing to eat in town so managed to find space in the kitchen amongst the Korean having a big cook up to make sardines on toast. Then hung out by fire for a while before going to my room. The bar / cafe was below and it’s all open plan the locals turn up for a drink and a Yahoo, the sound travels and it’s very noisy upstairs. I could hear a Korean lady in next room moaning, then she gets up and starts yelling, I am tired,  quiet….instead going downstairs and asking she continues in Korean and then slams the door several times…waking and disturbing anyone trying to rest. No respect..Then I am woken at 6am by her talking loudly. 

I set off for the day from Bercianos de real Camino heading for Mansilla de last mulas. I feel like the Angel with wings, light shoes , realise how much walking in boots felt heavy and like walking in mud. The first 6.5 km I did in an hour, was warm by end of that. Had quick coffee stop and set off, like someone was pushing me along going at a good pace.I came across a turn off to a little village called ” villa Marco” this isn’t on the way, a detour but something was drawing me there, so I walked to the village and there was a funeral happening. The whole village was deserted except for a few old people going from the church to graveyard. I found the one and only cafe open and went in to have snack as I needed to go to loo.

I then found little park down road and took off my shoes and had a drink, all the people of the village came walking back from graveyard to the bar. A lady and 3 year old stopped to play at playground, I smiled and observed, Grandma also stopped. I felt like I had been guided there to clear some energy, I put my shoes on and found short cut back to the way.Now feeling no need to be flying, I took my time the rest of the way to Mansilla. This province seems to be about metal work, on staircase, windows, and statues made of old farm machinery on the way into Villamorca. Pretty creative. Mansilla was a nice albergue to stay in, people were very welcoming. I ended up having dinner with a guy from Brazil I had met at breakfast that day. 

Day 27

Mansilla to Leon…only 20 km today and then rest day or two. My feet were considerably good after walking 29 km day before. Set off with my new walking buddy Josef…it’s meant to rain today at 1pm so some urgency to get to Leon.A few nice river along The way, but otherwise just the same country side.

In Leon meet up with my friend Carrin, we all have dinner and go to concert at Cathedral, at 9pm it’s just a lady playing the organ, a bit boring. It’s pouring with rain and have walk back to Albergue, get soaked. Not very keen walking in this weather. May have stay this city for few more days.


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