The Way…Rest days..

Day 28 & 29…

Explored Leon…a city with a lot history and beautiful culture. The cathedral has something like 194 stained glass windows, something special.Lots funky wee shops, markets and people enjoying life. There are two big old brick walls around the city, one is the wall to the hospital. It’s a diverse city in lots ways, old buildings, New buildings….old people , young people..Lots pilgrims passing through. Was unfortunate that the weather wasn’t the best but to be honest my feet and body needed a rest. Enjoyed the company there, concerts, food, shops and the market…time for reflection, sleeping, and recharging myself.

Spent some time with Brazilian walking buddy, he is in a,35 year marriage that he says has no love. He is off to Santiago to see an American woman who he meet for 4 days to see her before she leaves. His fear is being alone as,an old man, so he thinks of he finds a,New woman then all will be well. I explain as,has been told to me by spirit many times that love is found inside yourself, not outside. I tell him connect and love yourself first , then seer where your relationship with your wife goes. Yes he will go off and have an affair, it will not last. We take our baggage with us. Find love in self first and you will attract love.

What next ? 


Angel xx


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