The Way…. Energy clearing.

Day 36….Alto de Poio to Sarria. 32 km

We left our funny wee hotel on a misty morning, wrapped up from the cold.We are heading for Sarria today as there’s not much accommodation in between, we have a steep down hill then up and down again.I prefer uphill to downhill as my knees normally tell me I am alive, but actually the body been pretty good last few weeks, it settled into walking everyday.It was a day of seeing funny,weird things along the way. Lots funky artwork in field and buildings. Lots lovely stream as well with ancient bridges.Cats, dogs , sheep and cows doing what they are doing.

We came across a real funky cafe / albergue which had a tea good for stomach ache and also ginger.Lamp shades made of upside down baskets.The most cleared and sun came out, nice just wandering along, not a care in the world.We passed through lots villages where the pavement is coated with cow poo..they herd the cows in the main street. One  wee fella was on ride on tractor so I took a photo.Finally after a big day walking we reached Sarria…late and ready to put our feet up. The accommodation was in a separate place across road from albergue, we went over for the fire at 8 pm and they were giving free drinks.

Day 37

Sarria…here we stay for another day, I have now been walking 7 days and a lot of kms, I am ready for rest day. Janine tired after big days, so we stay. Its a miserable cold rain day anyway, we can still make Santiago by 17th. We chill out, I go and explore the place and end up at a Spanish mass.It’s Sunday today, nothing open, just church. I never know why I get stopped in a place but that  night it became evident that I had some clearing to do. Couldn’t sleep got feeling that the accommodation used to be an old mental institute or something, energy was crazy, my body was iratated, the messages I got was there was cruelty happened there. I ho opono pono all night, Janine couldn’t sleep either, we were up early and couldn’t wait to get out of the place.


Angel xx


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