The Way… Talk with the Trees.

Day 38.

We set off very tired after not much sleep, pleased to be leaving Sarria behind.Ready for 22.5km walk today so not too far but a good 5 hours walking. We leave on a downhill and then it gradually climbs up again through forest and historical art.The most natural symbols of the oak forest, then rural landscapes and remains of ancient roads. We stop at the first ancient town for breakfast…quiet a lovely spot.

In Paradela, we come to a original church now known as Santa Maria de Loio – was the mother of the order of St James of the sword, founded in 1170. Normally I would look through my photos to see what else happened that day but they now lost.From Sarria there are more pilgrims as the Spanish just start there and do 100km to get their certificate to say they have walked the Camino. So today we saw lots new pilgrims.There was a sign that said in English ” Jesus didn’t start walking in Sarria”..Then in Spanish ” Jesus didn’t walk the Camino to be forgiven from his sins”.

It was a beautiful walking, saw lots sheep and lambs , close to Portomarin we walked the old ancient path towards the river and old ruins. The town had been flooded and rebuilt in 1950s so newer town. We were tired after a big day…was cold night.

Day 39.

Portomarin to Palas de Rei. 25 km

Set on a freezing morning and wound our way up through incredible forest of oak and chestnut trees, some looked so old.Stopped at wee village where local old lady had her dog in the cafe..just lovely place, it had open fire so welcoming for morning coffee. Came to the chapel in Vedas de Naron which was dedicated to Mary Magdalene. We also saw this garden full of Ant statues, very large made of metal..

A rock along the way had writing from Paulo Coelho book Warrior of the light. “Every warrior of the light has felt afraid of going into battle.Every warrior of the light has at sometime in the past lied or betrayed someone, every warrior of the light has trodden a path that was not hers.Every warrior of the light has suffered for the most trivial reason, every warrior of the light has at least once, believed that she was not a warrior of the light.Every warrior of the light has failed in her spiritual duties, every warrior of the light has said “yes” when she wanted to say”no”. Every warrior of the light has hurt someone she loved, this is why she is a warrior of the light, because she has been through all this and yet has never lost hope of being better than she is.

Sums it all up for the light workers out there.Palas de rei was a lovely place to stay..




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