Reflection and Healing.

I feel very peaceful, relaxed, contented and empty mind since the Camino. Liz asks if I want to join them for a Bars (access consciousness) and business weekend that she is running with another lady  that weekend. I say ” yes” , she is surprised as I have been hesitant about the Bars in past. It feels right at the moment. The hotel has a bath so first thing is soak my body in lavender, what a treat.I love the weekend workshop and decide to continue and do two more  Bars classes while in Uk enabling me to become a facilitator of Access consciousness Bars.

I am quite contented to be still and not rushing around London, my body needs rest. The bars seems to be moving anything that may still remain, even though I feel very clear from my pilgrimage. I felt a huge amount of healing energy coming through my hands as I did the points, one lady even sensed Merlin the Wizard there, my right hand was so hot and vibrating , that night it wouldn’t stay still and I was wired. The lady who done my Bars said she had been channeling the energy of the guy that channeled the Bars. It certainly was a powerful energy and my intention for this healing was to overcome my gluten sensitivity, which was also my intention on. Camino. As I know everything starts with an emotional event that you don’t deal with and it eventually manifests in the physical. So in our raised state of consciousness there can be miracles happening. Sometimes we don’t know where it is started. Do we need to know or can we just set the intention to heal it.

Sometimes those emotional events are buried deep inside and we are not aware until triggered by someone or something. My friends thought I should meet a good male friend of theirs, that we would get on well. So I met this man for coffee and chat and we hit it off. He asked to meet again and I said yes, I would be in London for another week before heading to Italy. We arranged a day and then he messaged that he was under the weather, he’d be better the next day. My intuition told me something is not right here. What it felt like was addiction was involved, have experienced this same behaviour with a past relationship so in my mind I thought I don’t need this. The next day he messaged me to meet up, I thought I just wouldn’t respond but he messaged again. It’s not in my character to leave someone hanging, so I said ” No thanks, my intuition tells me something not right, the behaviour of the last person who words and actions were in conflict as an addict. Wished him well”.I got back a stream of verbally abusive messages, which really upset me. Kathryn asked “why is this upsetting you so much when you have just met this man once”. I really didn’t know, once I delved into it I realized it goes back to my father, who never approved of me having relationship with boys/men. It started with first boyfriend. Then I delved back further to the abuse I had had as a child from 2 years old.

As a healer we often choose hard lessons in life, to be more compassionate with others, if we had had the experiences then we know what others go through. In my life I have had some major learning, which has served me well to get to where I am. Kathryn who is a Journey facilitator offered to do a journey for me on this. Perfect timing.The area of my body where all this emotion was stored was digestive system, bowels and sacral chakra. That night and next day I was shattered. Something has shifted as two weeks later I have eaten a mini donut, made of gluten with no reaction. I am not going to indulge in gluten big time but I don’t have to be so careful anymore as I now have tolerance to it. 

“Everyone comes into your life for a reason at the perfect time. Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time. There is a gift in every situation. “

Be open…what else is possible?

One person can change the experience of many. I know this experience for me will be of benefit to many!!


Angel xxx


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