What This is All About!!

Well don’t we all ask that question of life, over and over again. No matter how old or young we are. If we have an enquiring mind and a curious nature then that is the human thing to do. We haven’t chosen to come to this earth school to be bored, we have come here to learn. Learning happening by both being curious and enquiring. I am 54 years old and I have always wondered what is up there in that sky, where did we really come from. As a child I would lie in the paddock in the middle of the southern alps in New Zealand , where I was blessed to be born. Pitch black at night and look at the stars and know that at some point in my souls evolution I was on one of those planets. This time I chose earth, at 6 weeks old I did try to return to the blue planet I had come from, with the help of lovely doctors who like to inject poison into babies, I had a near death experience. I was very ready to leave this contact I had chosen, but that was not to be. My time and purpose was not done, so my life has been about spreading the light and touching the hearts of many from this wee island in the Pacific Ocean called ” New Zealand”, it has been an exciting journey so far. I am about to embark on a bigger light journey to other parts of the world and I am very curious to where this will take me, to spread the light to many others and share my varied experiences. This blogging site I will write on regularly to share experiences that will bring more awareness to all who follow. Come Soul Travel with me…..Love and light to all xxx


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