Each day is a new journey.

At the moment I live in a very beautiful spot in the world called Ruby Bay. Each morning I open the curtains and watch the sun come up. As we know regardless of whether it’s a sunny day or not the sun always is there. Otherwise we would be in the dark ages. Today is a wet day but the beauty is in watching the rough ocean as the waves roll in and out. Just like life we roll and toss some days ,then others we are calm and peaceful. Some days we aren’t at all in touch with ourselves. This is what makes life an unique journey, what if everyday was the same, would we be content?.😃 Some maybe but I guess it goes back to how curious and enquiring you are. Everyday we have the chance to start a new journey ,a different journey. What today got in store for you? Is it all up to you? Is there a divine plan ?only you can answer this. Are you in the driving seat of your life? Or are you being driven?

I will leave with a quote to ponder.

Live today

Not yesterday

Not tomorrow

Inhabit your moments

Don’t rent them out to tomorrow

Bless you, love & light


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