Wind in my sails…..Sail away with me…..

Thanks to a lovely friend of mine, I got to sail away with this weekend. The message I kept getting was ” The Wind is in My Sails”. What a feeling of freedom if you look at life like that, just allowing yourself to be swept along by the breeze, no resistance just going with the wind. For me this exploration of Earth and beyond has began, a gentle breeze is blowing and along the way, things are creating themselves before my eyes. I really had no idea what was happening for the weekend, then I get invited to go sailing, something I have been wanting to do for so long. Sitting on a Yacht as you are taken along my the wind, has this total meditative feel to it. Getting lost in the vastness of the ocean, snow on the mountains, rain in the distance and light appearing from behind a few clouds, trying to break through. Have you ever had that when in the stillness, on the verve of a breakthrough and there’s just a shadow blocking the way, or holding you back? Its unpredictable if you will breakthrough or not. I so love how nature is such an amazing teacher, we are but a reflection of it, if you care to take the time to explore what is naturally in front of you. Miracles will start to appear before your eyes.

Each moment and each day is but a miracle, I am so grateful for it and feel blessed of the ease of life.

Life is flowing perfectly for me right now.




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