How to take the first step

Can be a bit scary, when you get a calling to go explore the world. Where do you go? What do you do to take action? I very much trust that I will be shown. So lots places and ideas were coming to me and I have friends around the world who are just busting at the seams to see me. I started to think about ” what is it I really would like to experience? “. I had been listening to a wonderful young lady called Rebecca Campbell who has written this book ” Light is the new Black”. She lives in the UK and does initiation with woman at the Chalice  Well  Gardens in Glastonbury. Sounds awesome but the timing isn’t right for me. I also had recently learnt the sacred dances of Tara. Felt like the start of a Tara Journey for me. Really feel like I would like to do some more associated with Tara. The next morning I wake up and check my emails and there is a trip to India called “Search for the Golden Tara”, I knew in my gut that I am meant to be on this trip. I sleep on it and the next day paid my deposit.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, becomes the biggest step in your life. Tip toe if you must but take the first step”

So for me I took the first step, I am trusting that this will lead me to what the soul needs to experience. I really don’t know where it will led me and do I need to know. I think not. I am now led to sell my home and invest in a smaller place to rent out while I travel and explore. The message I keep getting is let go of attachments, sometimes one of the hardest thing for humans to do. We often tend to think we are here to accumulate stuff and people. When we leave this planet we only take our soul with us, why then do we put so much energy into accumulation? I have been lucky enough to have seen through this belief a long time ago, so letting go of attachments for me is perhaps easier than a lot of others.


2 thoughts on “How to take the first step

  1. Whoooooo hooooo. Loving the heart adventuring spirit. Follow the golden energy threads past us please. xxx


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