Allowing the Flow.

We are all human after all. Patience doesn’t always comes naturally. We often want everything now and don’t want to wait. Sometimes there is something better waiting around the corner, if we dare to wait. When we push, instead of allowing the flow, we end up with something we don’t necessarily want.

It is our attachment to a desired outcome that causes us to be inpatient, like I said we are human but learning the art of un attachment is one we could all benefit from. This has been part of my journey so far in planning my travels. Yes it can be very frustrating when things don’t go the way you think they will, or would like them to. This is all part of the experience of life.

What are our attachments? Those things we hold onto tightly, our joys, our wealth, our senses and our conditioned existence. These things don’t belong to us. No matter how much we want “good things”to stay  in our life, things change. When we perceive we have lost something, through attachment , that we would prefer to keep then we suffer. I know I am about to embark on an even deeper internal journey where I will understand attachments on another level. I am going to live and work for a while with people and children from poor communities, where attachments wouldn’t even feature in their everyday life.

I will be curious to see how happy these people are in their lives. When we are free of attachments ,we are free in the mind, and its the mind that causes our suffering, our struggles. It doesn’t mean we avoid our responsibilities but we do not expect things to bring our stability, satisfaction or clarity.  When we allow flow, we allow freedom.

Flow with life, see where it may take you….Let Go Let God.


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