The Day Has Arrived..

It been quite a journey to get to this point…plenty of things trying to block me.I had to keep rising above them.

In my heart I knew this was all meant to be…saying goodbye to dear friends and family was sad but happy. As I set off on flight to Auckland and then Dubai and Delhi…2 days goes by the time I get there. One thing learnt was not to sit in the aisle row on the plane as the air conditioning is very cold.

Once at Delhi I got freshen up to meet the group of Golden Tara for dinner at 6. Everyone was very familiar and my roommate for the next 12 days was the best…felt like my soul sister.

Slept very well and next morning we were leaving early to catch flight to Leh in Ladahk. I awoke with the words “Apple tree bee” going on in my mind. Not knowing what that was about. The flight was amazing and when we arrived Leh I felt very at home. At the hotel we gathered in the garden and to my surprise there I sat under the Apple tree.  Be under The Apple tree. The sign I was right where I was meant to be. Tears rolled down my face as I embraced Tara on tour for 11days with what appeared as my soul family

I am home in my heart and soul.


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