Red hearts and Paitence.

19th August 2017

Off we go to Thickse monastery for the night on our way to Pangon lake.Here we will meditate with the monks and Taras.I awoke with lots red hearts going on in my mind.”let go and let God”. 

Number two key:

Paitence- do not push anything, life is how it is meant to be.You can build strong intricate roots in your life if you are willing to do so slowly. The roots are your source of refuge. The branches are the benefit you share with others.

“This journey for you is easy, you don’t need big shifts anymore. Just be balanced, calm and patient. Allow it to flow. Listen before speaking. Transmit energy from the heart.”

Thickse monastery founded in 1480.Today houses 120 llamas and novices. Here they have the other Tara collection in the world but no where as amazing as the set at chandrakirti meditation centre in Upper Moutree nelson.

Mediated with the Maitreya Buddha and almost went right out of my body.Then found right on top of the building an old library which had Maitreya in too. Denise and I sat in there for maybe an hour without anyone coming in. The energy was very powerful. My digestive system seemed to get a work over.

We sat in the prayer room with the monks while they were having tea and were served some too by the young monks in training.There was lots chanting of prayer and gongs, symbols going. Quite an energy to sit in and experience, it vibrated the soul.Felt the emotion of pure love through my whole body and tears in my eyes. How blessed are we to be having this incredible experience here in Ladahk. Everyday was prayer which didn’t normally happen but we timed it right.

In the prayer temple also was a sand manadala, a group monks have been traveling the world making them, the next day it would be gone.Photo attached.

We got to walk back down the hill through where all the Lamas live. Got message to take off all my jewelry and let the energy flow.

Blessings to all.

Love and light 

Flower. Xx


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