Signs on the Road….18th August 2017

Today was a strange start,as we set off in our 5 Tara group cars.I got the back seat in 7 seater car.It was kinda weird as you feel abit isolated in there. People forget to flick the seat to let you out.We are heading to the Lamayuru monastery and Alchi monastery.

On the road in Ladahk they have a lot of signs in English and so I decided to write them all down on the way.

“Time is money but life is precious”

“Life is for love” _ that was on a truck.

“Don’t be silly on the hilly.”

“Smooth road for a smooth ride.”

“The more you speed ,the more you Skid.”

“Drive slowly,you are expected.”

“Road is public property, share it”

“On the bend,go slow my friend.”

“Don’t be gamma in the land of Lama.”

Most of these could apply to life.

First we went to Lamayuru monastery, in the temple there is a cave, that monks had mediated in, in ancient times. I sat and meditated by it and felt boiling hot. I have been here before in another life, the message I got was” Live in the light in this life, no more caves or darkness.” Felt like I returned part of my soul that doesn’t want to sit in a cave in this life and returned to my divine self, it’s about connecting with my soul but in the presence of others. Just like Buddhist refuge. You can be enlightened without sitting in a cave. I explored this ancient monastery that part of is in ruins now..

On drive to Alchi monastery, I saw more signs.

“Enjoy the beauty of moorland”

“Join hills,join hearts.”

“Snowflower point.”

” Blow your horn.”

“Hidden valley.”

“Slow and steady wins the race”

“Live and let live.”.

At Alchi monastery we had a beautiful lunch in a traditional Ladakian kitchen. Then visited  the temple s of Alchi. These 12th century shrine s,abandoned in the 15th century,have the most magnificent murals in all of Ladahk.Predating most other monasteries known as gompas in Ladahk, back to the time when Tibetan Buddhism,still looking to India for inspiration, while making the first inroads into the region.

Was fabulous day out , returned to Leh for quick walk in town but everyone was tired.

Love and light xxx



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