The Eleven Keys….

The first two I had already shared.

1. Be present- just being in every moment.

2. Patience- Take time, build from the roots up. 

3. Compassion- Our lives are of a temporary nature, life is fragile and impermanent. Always remember true compassion for self and others.Fully recognising your own needs and others.

4. Transmutation – Always transmutating negative into the positive.

5. Trust -Faith that all is well in every moment and is divinely guided. Trust in yourself.

6. Love- Unconditional for self and all beings. Coming only from the heart.

7. Freedom- Just like a bird in flight represents freedom, it is only so if you let go of the ground. You have to free  your mind of attachments and illusions, to truely be free you must have patience and allow yourself to let go of any resistance you may encounter.

8. Joy- Laugh at all your obstacles. Find a,way to see your fears as ridiculous.We take ourselves far too serious. Laughing is very loving, and brilliant calling us to wake up and come home to our own truth.

9.Transformation. -making the most out difficult lessons and transforming them into growth for your soul.

10. Connection- to yourself and others with a deep awareness.Bridges bring together two worlds, suspended in some way in between.Remember the interconnectness in all existence. Nurture this. 

11. Light- Spread the light….” Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single flame. The life of that candle will not be shorter. Your light never decreased by being shared. ”

23 rd August 2017

The Search for the Golden Tara journey is at an end. I have gathered parts of my soul along the way. Gathered others soul on a deep connection. Walked the land of Tara. Absorbed the Key codes.Had a sacred time. Been guided to be where I am meant to be.I know it will keep opening and unfolding as I journey and walk the land. Meeting other souls on their journeys. 

I am so grateful for this experience and blessed in every way.

Love and light to you all.

Flower xxxxxx


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