The Heaven Hill Story..Part 1….

After making the commitment to follow my heart, I signed up as a workaway volunteer. I have had workaway at my house to help me over the last few years.Ian one from England even helped paint my house. I added that I would be in India area. I got an invite from Shamser to come to his place in Nepal and help with the school children. I accepted , having no idea what I was in for or where I was heading to.My life became far too busy to give it much thought, but Heaven Hill Academy School sounded intriguing.Shamser asked if I could raise some money for a printer for the school..$270 US…I asked friends and with my contribution I got 200 together.

I fly straight from Delhi to Kathmandu after my Search for the Golden Tara journey. I had booked two nights in  a hotel there, on arrival decided I needed one more night to integrate. Kathmandu was an overwhelming city experience and only spent one day walking Thamel and got lost, that was enough for me. Sunday morning I got up at 5 to get the bus to Besisahar, taxi to bus stop. A young man who became my Angel that morning came to taxi and asked where I was going? I had it written on paper so he threw my bag on his head and took me to ticket office, told them in Nepalese where to, then took my bag to bus..locked it in boot and put me on bus. Said sit there we leave in 10 min. No English writing on this bus, sent family a picture on messenger and said ” I am on this bus,hope it’s the right one” .. Jesus Mum the message came back. What else can you do in a foreign country that has no English signs, hardly anyone speaks English and so you have trust. The journey was long, hot and interesting. Two young men,one being my Angel, hung off the side of the bus for almost 7 hours. Each bus stop which were many, they would jump off and run along asking if people were going to Besisahar, that what I am guessing. They were trying to fill the bus, and were so helpful to everyone, grabbing bags and putting on bus for people.Also at every stop vendors would jump on and try sell water,chippies and biscuits. I soon realized that for survival in this country you need to be on the ball.6 am in morning the place is humming with people everywhere. You have to use your mouth to make a living, the one who asks loudest gets the sale.

Closer to Besisahar people were busing between villages, the bus was crowded. Arrived at Besisahar ten minutes before having to catch bus to Gaunsahar. It became very obvious that there was no room on the bus..people packed in, livestock as well. The roof was full of bags and supplies. What now??? Then it started to pour with rain…I knew it was 1 1/2 hours walk uphill to village so with a heavy bag, it wasn’t an option.Man from hotel tried to sell me bed for night, I wanted to get to Heaven Hill Hotel. I was sheltered in a shop and some young blokes in a jeep asked where I was going,told them. They said they d give me a ride for 3500rupees….sounded like a good option. Jumped in and they put my bag on back seat..then drove some where to get a tarpaulin, then we ended up back where we started, to pick up more people.My bag went to the back of jeep covered from the rain. As we set off up the road, I was grateful not to be on the bus. Four wheel drive road with river running through most of it, steep and uphill. Well an adventurous day this turned out to be. Took a good hour to arrive at destination, was greeted by Kopania , Shamser wife and shown my room and around house. All a bit of culture shock.

Here I was on top of a hill with a lovely view of the Annapuna range in the Himalayas. Surrounded by mountains.

There were other lovely workaway s there ,everyone was nice. I had a rough night with extremely hard bed, and rats partying in the ceiling.. I had my first leach bite on a walk around the property before dinner, mozzie everywhere too.Cold shower down track in a round clay hut.

I wonder how long I will handle this for???
The light wasn’t shining too bright the first morning at school.


Flower xxx


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