The Heaven Hill Story…Part 2.

Here I am 3 weeks later…on a bus heading to Kathmandu. It’s very bumpy and difficult to write. This time I have chosen a micro bus instead of the local one.Another experience, Shamser and Kopania had arrived back from Kathmandu this morning and said it had taken 10 hours cause of traffic jam.My bag is on the roof as that’s the boot. Not tied on…

Reflection time for me …Hotel Heaven Hill and Heaven Hill Academy School. It has been quite an experience and I am pleased I have done it. I lasted 3 weeks out of the 6. I had told myself  I wasn’t going to be a martyr.So exams have started and some to be school holiday. Getting bored in the village.

The children at the school were very accepting of foreign people from all countries being there volunteering, the children are very good at understanding English. Well the 6 year up anyway. The school is the dream of a young man called Shamser Trapa who believed that every child in the village and neighbours village should be able to have an education. 3 years ago he opened the school with 6 classrooms. The school has really taken off and has a roll of around 90 children.Next year in April some children will be grade 4 so they need another classroom to accommodate them so fundraising is under way.I really admire Shamser for thinking outside the square and creating his dream and pursuing it.He has much opposition to his ideas.

The children at the school were very diverse and all different economic classes. Some very poor some more money. There was 3 Downs syndrome children at school, two who I really connected with.One wee man who was in nursery school and he was delightful, he loved my green necklace and keep putting it up to his eye to look through. Think he was drawn to the crystal in it.

The school starts it’s day at 10am but we would arrive at 9am to get the school ready, shake out the carpets of the nursery classes, welcome children and put music on. The children loved to turn up early to dance and sing before school. One Spanish woman volunteer taught them the Macarena dance, kids loved it. Each morning the Nepalese national anthem was sang. The children also loved the presence of young men at the school, as it was all female teachers apart from Shamser.While I was there,was Jack young blonde English man whom kids loved to hang off and Sarga young Indian man who kids related to well.Being in the classroom with the kids was a real pleasure and although my time there was short it was a real unique experience.

One afternoon we walked to another village , about 1 hour away to visit family of children that come to our school everyday. On the way we saw beautiful waterfalls and streams. Rice fields, locals tending goats. The village was beautiful and locals friendly, had tea with one of the Mums.

Back in Gaushahar I was adopted by a young woman Luxmi as her sister. She would cook me omelette everyday and cuppa tea for lunch. We became very fond of each other, sad to say good bye. But traveling is all about connecting with people and having to say goodbye. Many nights were spent playing cards, president and arsehole with other volunteers, sometimes under touch light.Electricity could be off for days, internet connection not good.

The village women work hard, looking after the family, tending the rice fields, carrying rocks for building, cutting and gathering fed for animals. Cooking, washing clothes in stream. A never ending job as a woman. As for the men I not sure what they do, some more livestock, cut feed, build houses..

More in part 3

Lots love Flower



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