The Way…Into Spain.

Day 2.

Caught the sunrise when going to breakfast. Rinir the German man I had meet asked if I wanted to walk with him. After talking to Jeanett who had already walked nearly the whole Camino the night before I thought it was a good idea to send my bag to next destination, over the 1400m pass to Roncevaux. The climb was gradual and stopped at highest point and had a snack. A stunning sunny day and awesome views over the valley. Below once again was the midst but we were above it. They put bells on the cows, sheep and horses, seemed weird, if I was an animal it would drive me mad. Pleased I had split the first day into two, even without a pack it was quite a trek, we passed Lepoeder the highest point and descended down to Roncevaux.We arrived at 1 pm but my bag wasn’t arriving till 2pm, so we grabbed a bite to eat. I felt like I didn’t want to stay there so got my pack and we decided to walk another 7km to the next accommodation at Espinal. It was a a lovely afternoon walk and we entered Burgete first, a Spanish town where all the doors were open in the houses. They have a little entrance and then another door. Was quite different to French houses and villages.

We arrived 5pm at our accommodation in Espinal. Was nice place and some of the other people we had met day before were staying there too..also some new people. We booked for Pilgrim dinner as well, they were really good about gluten free. They serve lots red wine with dinner, went to bed about 10 and couldn’t sleep, someone was snoring loud and my body felt irritated. Not sure if it was wine or pork I had eaten.

Day 3.

Had only got to sleep at 130am.I woke at 630 am feeling tired.After coffee, Rinir and I left at 915 am , the day walk was through the Forest and very up and down. On the way down we passed a family on their donkeys, mum dad and couple kids. We walked about 16 km to Zubiri, I had decided to stay there as I was tired. Rinir tried to get me to walk another 6 km to next village but I said No..too tired..we parted ways and he went on. I found some great accommodation where Jeanett and Loren were staying. Feeling very tearful and tired. Had a rest and the pilgrims dinner, slept better.




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