The Way….My Way

Day 4

Well the way is your own way, no one else. Started with breakfast and yoga stretching. Then set was only 8 degrees, I wish I had put my hat on. Got the pace going and got myself warm…After about half an hour I caught up with Jeanett this was her last day walking as  she had done the Way from Pamplona and this was where we were intending to be by end of the day. A good 23 km. I walked with her which was lovely. She is a very beautiful lady and we stopped for coffee along the way.Chatted and shared our life stories which had lots parallels.Once again we were blessed with the most amazing weather, everyday with not a cloud in the sky.We found somewhere for lunch about an hour before Pamplona and recharged our batteries. The bar cafe had just opened after their siesida in the afternoon.The last part of the journey that day was through town so a different experience. Good to see the wall of Pamplona. We checked into Albergue next to the cathedral. We spent about an hour looking around there, it’s a big place that they are restoring, going back to 700s.

We walked down the cobbled streets and some of the shops were open, had to go into the clothes shop for the experience. Got a nice feel for the old part of Pamplona.We found the square where there was lots cafes to eat, so we sat down to catch the last of the sun with a glass wine and a meal.Great to see all the locals out enjoying the warm evening, the temperature had got up to 27 doing the day. Was a privilege to share Jeanett last night of the Camino.

Day 5.

Today was about saying goodbye to Jeanett, for me this Camino is about the people I meet along the Way…she decided to walk some way with me out of the city. Then I meet Loren and the Irish family. So Jeanett said goodbye, felt little sad, it’s kinda all that is familiar as everyday changes and generally the people are around for a few days. I decided to carry on walking when the others stopped just out town as my body is feeling it. Sore knees and calf muscles…so one foot after the other up the hill.Had lunch with me so that will be my stop. Half way between Pamplona and Puente la Reina. The climb was gradual ..on top hundreds of windmills, and a food cart, they cater for the pilgrims. It’s main tourist business in most places.At 753 m the Sierras de Perdon is the highest point for next 170 km.

Off down a big shingle slide, thanks for walking poles. Day started off at 8 degrees but soon is 27 …hot in middle day. Once down between Muruzabal and Puente la Reina I met a man sitting on side path under a tree playing the guitar, was lovely to hear the music as I walked along. I stopped and sat down with him and chatted and listened to his music. He was selling some wears he had made out shells and beads so I brought one and gave him a donation. He was Spanish and had walked from Santiago, on his way to Pamplona where he would bus home.

Most of us now on the Camino know there is Camino kms. You will see a sign that says 3 km for example and half a km will be another sign that says 3.4km. So the last 3 or4 km are the longest.Arrived in Puente la Reina to find the place I had sent my bag to was closed for accommodation,it was still a bar thankfully….They rang somewhere and told me where my bag was. I walked there and was great accommodation. Met an Australian couple there..Ben and Julie and Irish girl Onya. Onya and I shared a wash and dry of our clothes. My legs were so sore and when taking my boots off discovered a big blister on the side of my foot. Decided I needed a massage. The wonderful Spanish lady cleaned up my blister and gave me a great massage. Then I caught up with another Irish couple Bronaugh and Shaune for dinner, had a very enjoyable night connecting with them.  They traveling in a group for a week and staying in hotels and having their bags sent on. 

I decided for the Five Euro a day ..I wouldn’t be a pack horse…much easier to walk with just lunch and water. Easier on the body….knees ankles and hips feel the weight of a pack. More enjoyable, this journey is not about suffering, it’s about enjoying life.


Angel. Xxx


One thought on “The Way….My Way

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. What a wonderful experience you are having. I look forward to meeting you again 💜💜


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