The Way…Rolling Hills..ploughed fields.

Day 8.

Even if you want to sleep in because you haven’t slept well as an old man snored all night.Today I didn’t have far to walk,just 12km, you are kicked out at 8am. Today was overcast and warm morning but stayed cooler than normal so refreshing to walk in. No where to get food until I hit the half way food cart. They do Spanish omelette which is egg and potatoes…arrived in Los Arscos at 11.11am after a walk through rolling hills and along dirt roads. Nothingness for miles,not even houses which is unusual for Europe. Normally there is at least some houses. Just a few old brick ruins. Very peaceful walking though…it was also an overcast day so a lot cooler.Arrived in the town and there was a market on, selling produce and clothes. Booked into accommodation and found a chemist to get something for my foot as looking a bit infected.

The Camino is certainly not a walk in the park…for everyone there are challenges. Mine is physical, but sure over time it will get better. Just need to read my body and listen to it. The ego is always trying to take over, thinking I can walk further. But when I tune into body and soul, I just need to take my time, its not a race. Everyone is trying to get you to walk further each day. My thoughts along the way today was ” I bet the pilgrims hundreds years ago did not carry their backpacks or belongings, they would had mules, donkeys , carts to carry them. They would just walked the pilgrimage.For those that don’t know, I had thoughts about changing my name before leaving Nz. So in India they called me Flow….then Nepal the kids called me Flower. On this pilgrimage I have decided to be called “Angel”….so that what people know me as. I have been also been thinking I will eventually change it permanently. Lesley Evans is done with.Today walking I was thinking about my last name…it appears it is using the same letters in Lesley Evans  but rearranging them. I had judgement for a long time about how weird people were changing their name. Until a few weeks before leaving New Zealand I got the message to change my name, I discussed it with my friend Kerry, decided to give Flow short for Florence my second name on “Search for the Golden Tara”. Everyone embraced it and said they couldn’t imagine me as Lesley. In France I discussed it with Annie, not 100 % convinced Flow was right. So right now I am Angel and it fits. 

Sitting here blogging this at Albergue La Fuente Casa Austria, this feels right to be sharing it. It’s one step towards being who I am and living my truth. A nice South African English man is just making me a coffee.

Day 9.

Los Ascros to Viana….Caught up with the two lovely ladies from Melbourne Australia this morning in the square before leaving Los Ascros, so set off walking with them. An overcast morning with a few spits of rain. Karen who was about same age as me, and I were walking at similar pace so we started walking and talking. Kay the other lady who is 68, was walking at her own pace. I really admire her for wanting to walk the Camino. Backpack on her back and all. We stopped after one and half hours and I grabbed coffee and omelette, food so cheap..less,than 4 Euro for breakfast. Then I grabbed a poncho to keep the damp off me and my little pack. Was pretty up and down rolling hills , not a lot to see, few wee towns along the Way.

We kept up good pace and did 18 km in just under 4 hours. Found some great accommodation together and had look around town, another Spanish town with a lot variety of buildings some ancient, parts not so old and some industrial areas. My blister is starting to dry out, knee abit sore. Feeling pretty good otherwise. Was a enjoyable day, that went fast.




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