The Way….Truth, Ego or Pride?

Day 10

Well the day started off well, started walking with Karen one of Aussie ladies, the other one had  gone off half an hour before us.She’d left in the dark at 730 am…we headed off at 8 and soon caught up with her, she’s 68 and doing really well going at her own pace. We noticed she didn’t have her walking sticks, asked  her where they were, she said she had donated them to the Albergue to give  to someone else that she didn’t need them anymore. We said you not going to cope with no sticks..asked if she wanted us to go back and get them, she said No. Karen and I continued to walk, then I said” I don’t think she telling truth, I think she forgot them”. Walked further and then thought I could ring albergue and ask them if she left them behind and get them sent with my bag.So that what we did and yes they were left behind. When we got to Lorongo we waited for her. I told her what I had done and said” you don’t have to have pride in the Camino and it’s not about the ego, just be honest as people care” .She had tears in her eyes, and was very thankful.

I carried on my own to Navarrete , 24 km ..where my bag was waiting at Albergue El Cartonia. What great accommodation and had the whole place to myself.I had shower and went out for a walk got talking to guy Merele from Crez republic, he had been to Nz and spent 6 months there, work visa. He recognized my greenstone necklace, we chatted and decided to meet for dinner.Today is my mother and Aunty birthday. 16th October, sadly mother died young at 67. Today she would been 83, she lived a lot of her life in suffering, she didn’t have the courage to be free like me. Felt her presence all day, had to keep checking behind as felt like someone was following me. Had lovely evening chatting and found he was walking Camino for time for him, to sort out issues about stepchildren. He got some free counseling and we drunk too much red wine. Back to bed, strange having a whole albergue to myself, was almost abit scary.

Day 11

Wow been on this walking journey for 10 days.Up and out the door at 8am sending bag to Azofra  which is another 24 km so need to make that today. Overcast day so perfect for walking. Meet my friend Merele on the way,walked with him to top hill, where he stopped. I carried onto Najera where I stopped for a coffee, loo and omelette. He caught up with big bag figs off a tree. I saw the historical buildings there and sat by river for while.Walking once again through vineyards and some green fields and trees.  We arrived Azofra in good time…tired legs and feet ..New blister. My friend looked at my boots to see why rubbing. I have worn a hole in sole already. After shower and rest , I went to got something to eat and meet Andres from Denmark we has great chat..shared some wisdom. It started to rain..could be an interesting day tomorrow.


Angel xx


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