The Way…Rest ..Rest..Rest

Day 16

Had great nights sleep apart was fever and sore throat and feet. Did some washing by hand and hang in my room. No laundry service in weekend in hotel. Today is Sunday  22nd October. 22 years ago today I have birth to my youngest daughter Zoe Rose, oh how time flies but worth a celebration. Lunch time hobbled out to try find somewhere to get food, vitamin c and more first aid supplies. Found cafe open but that all, Sunday rest day, church day, church was full of worshippers. Had look at Museum, some incredible old paintings there, of scenery which were all the places I have just walked over the last 15 days. Cool to recognize them and know this experience will be with me forever. Managed to buy second hand hoodie at market as it’s really cold..just 12 degrees at lunchtime. Hobbled back to hotel and had sleep…later asked reception via translate me if any pharmacy open as I am miles away..can’t walk there. So I wandered down road and found like dairy open and brought juice with vitamin c in. Grabbed a salad, bath and bed.

Day 17…

After a nice relaxing morning I climbed out bed at about 10.30am, showered and check out was at 12 noon. Found laundry mat to dry my clothes. Then a health shop for  vitamin c, natural anti inflammatory and massage oil along with lavender. Found my new accommodation in Burgos, and had room to myself. After a rest I went exploring, found the most incredible cathedral and then walked up to the old castle. From here was the most amazing view of city and where I had walked from. Went back and had tour of the cathedral, the history goes back to 900s . The architecture is something else, the works of art everywhere is just incredible. Stone masonry is not from this world, certainly not to be missed.

The Spanish have their seisea in the afternoon from 2 till 5ish when shops close, then reopen till 9 pm.After coming out Cathedral the place was alive, people everywhere, dining, shopping and children out and about. Even parents with real little babes in front packs. The place is just buzzing, shopping very colorful and nice food shops everywhere.Had nice dinner and walking back for bed. Oh what a great day and how grateful I am to have this incredible experience.


Angel xx


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