The Way….Two big days walking.

Day 14.

Eldorado to San Juan de Ortega today 25km.Set off over the bridge and through the rolling hills. Planning to take some breaks along the way, have some food though as it can be miles in between places and guide did say no where to buy food at San Juan. Stopped at Villabistia to get a coffee and ran into the other girl who bag had been left behind. She is in her 30sand said she was walking the Camino because her husband had asked for a divorce, she from Alaska. A singer but said she had stopped singing and blamed him. He wanted children but she was never ready, that her excuse in life. I suggested she forgive herself and husband and get on with life. She asked if she could sing me a song. With her arms folded she attempted, it went wrong. I said ” honey unfold your arms, open your heart and sing” Out came this incredible voice. She promised me she would sing the rest of The Way.

Walked through some beautiful village s and ruins and even an oasis cafe in the forest, that was pretty funky before the last hour into San Juan. Booked in to accommodation and had shower.Dinner was all gluten tonight ,next door was a bar where I managed to get them to cook me an omelette for dinner with Charmaine from South Africa. Didn’t sleep well as very bad snoring man in the room.In the night I booked a hotel room for two nights in Burgos. My body is really feeling no rest.

Day 15

Set off in dark at 8 am…wasn’t meant to rain, as started going through Bush track the drizzle started. I had started walking in my sandals as my feet were sore. After 15 on and poncho…we had no breakfast as Albergue didn’t serve it and cafe next door not open so hour walk till the first stop. Lance 74 year old from Santa Barbara USA came along and then another lady who would been 70 s so I walked with them . We stopped in Ages for breakfast and I decided to try different socks.Also anti inflammatory as today was 26 km and my feet and legs are sore. Had lovely day walking with Lance at his pace..good for me.He very spiritual man, had lost his wife to cancer 5 years ago. Funny thing is there not too many outward spiritual people I have meet so far on way. Lots trying to deal with life’s challenges. I guess the solo walking will bring them home to them selves.A lot are walking in groups too and for just week or two.

The last hour and a half was following the river into Burgos so much easier on the feet and legs. Walking on roads is hard surface and quite jarring.

6 pm booked into my hotel and ran hot bath…luxury….rang Zoe for her birthday…22 years old my baby time flies.

One thing walking the Way..time is irrelevant….you just put one foot after the other. So 15 days and 300 km.   Time for resting my feet for couple days,no choice in this as I hobble around feeling the impact. I have sore throat and run down.No snoring tonight but hotel is on a busy corner…dam it.


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