Crossing the high passes within and without.

Arrived Leh and was welcomed by the Apple tree.One my challenges in life is living with a severe gluten intolerance so even thinking of travel I had to consider this. India they don’t understand what wheat flour or gluten is. I ate some soup with cornflour i think.That night I had huge headache and felt like vomiting. This I think was also some altitude sickness. From then on I lived on raw cucumber carrot and tomato and plain rice.Still checking what else was available,to get very frustrated that no one knew or cared.To even to be told I could eat things I knew I couldn’t.

So today’s the day we pack up and leave early to go over the Khardongla pass of 18380ft. World’s highest drivable pass.At the summit my head felt like it was going to explode, I hopped out of the car and couldn’t stand up,felt like vomiting.So sat back down and took some oxygen. We started on the road down to Nehru valley. The road was very steep and like driving on a river bed. In New Zealand you would walk it or four wheel drive it.

We arrived at our destination after about 7hours drive.The place was called “Mystic Meadows” and it certainly was for me.The place was Gramping  and very beautiful,tents with beds and bathroom ..just stunning. That night we went to a ladahk cultural show it was magic.The moon and stars were bright. On my first night in Leh I had taken a photo of the Himalayas, the next morning  two days after that photo it appeared on my phone with a green man above the mountains. Magic is all I can say.You have to let go of something to believe this one. Photo attached.

The message I got this morning was “the keys to the door”. A very strange feeling that I have no keys to the door. House or car…first time in 35 years but a sense of freedom.


2 thoughts on “Crossing the high passes within and without.

  1. Haha yes I know what u mean by no keys to the door! Absolute freedom .. No ties.. Letting go of the ground so you may fly.. Having little weight to hold you down.. So you may fly even higher!! Magical xox


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