The Keys to the door-16th August 2017

So what are these keys you may ask and what are they about! Golden Tara is telling me this journey is about finding the keys to my heart and soul. That there are 11keys, the first “being present”.Allowing whatever to be in any given moment. To sit or walk and just be with the moment. Really absorb the love and the energy that surrounds me.Really feel it all with my heart and soul.

The absolute beauty and grace of the Ladakian dancers last night,the feel of their gentleness and love they project out to the world.We are literally in the middle of nowhere in the Nehru valley and we watch the most amazing dance show.It opens the heart to love and joy.Keep present and look for the signs of the keys to your soul.

One was the messages from one of the dances, that they explained in English. “Life is to be lived,just like a drew drop on a leaf, you don’t know when it disappear.Make the most of life,in a moment it is gone”

How appropriate to be writing this today 5th September when I just find out a,dear beautiful friend is very soon to pass into the spirit world after struggle with cancer. Life on this earth plane is short, live in the moment, be present…..

Today 16th August…after a walk with Denise..We breakfast and set off to Diskit monastery, there I sat in the temple meditating with some very old monks. I kept getting faces of men of the past, very ancient images. 

On the drive back to Leh over the high pass we stopped at a Golden rock that Camile had seen on way to Nebru valley,there was a layline there.I put my feet in the stream and closed my eyes, I saw Jesus appear, Christ consciousness was present there.Judy did some light language to clear the energy there. Apparently there had been a flood there and people had died.

Stopping at summit of the high pass today I had no altitude sickness,I had held in my hand some rocks I had picked up from the stream,I felt more grounded.

More to come on the keys…..

Love and light Flower xxx


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