The Way….Rain rain go away.

Day 12…

Set off and it was a little damp. Not too far and it started to pour, had my poncho on over me and my pack. Walking with Merele, it was really quite wet. Thinking how lucky we had been so far, blue skies everyday. Real pilgrims now. It was very uphill to Ciruena, 8km then a golf course cafe. I decided to stop and Merele carried on, we said our farewells as he said he was walking further than me today. This is the journey of the Camino, you have wee family for few days and they depart. I stopped for an hour and had coffee ,then carried on to St Dom de la Calz, still very wet but didn’t really worry me. My boots were clearly had it, water coming in the sole. I stopped at first outdoors shop and tried on new boots. Was there an hour and half, they were no help so had to make my own decisions. I decided on Spanish leather boots with goretex inside. Brought new socks , gloves and hat scarf thing. Checked out the amazing cathedral with two live cocks living in cage. Also the museum, was really something. Then went to warm cafe to dry out more. The sun came out ,rain stopped and co carried on with my new boots for another 7 km. Arrived Granon around 5 pm and Merele was there, he decided it was nice place to stay.Had great night at Albergue as they cooked a pilgrim meal and 20 of us sat around are. I also attended mass at local church where they did blessing for pilgrims. The man running it appeared to be very friendly and helpful.

Day 13.

We have to be out of the albergue by usually 8 am in the morning. It is only just getting light at this time. Got lovely photos as I left just coming light. It was very crisp this morning, I set off on my own and the trail wandered through the vineyards, gravel road and then followed the motorway. Merele caught up with me and we walked along, eating grapes from vines and fresh figs from the trees. The fig tree are loaded and they taste amazing. Today heading for Belorado. After few hours I needed to use a Bush, there are no toilets along the way apart from cafe. Merele walked on and so I continued on my own. That was goodbye to him. Was very pleasant walk and  warmed up a little. As I got to Belorado I stopped at first cafe to use bathroom. I met some ladies from Brazil that had stayed at the same accommodation the night before, I got talking to one who had lost her husband a year ago at the age 39 to cancer, she has a 7 year old son. She trying to figure out life, walking with her friends for few weeks. 

I continued to my accommodation arriving around 1.30pm..19km today.My bag hadn’t arrived, the lady said they always have problems with Albergue at Granon. The man wasn’t so nice after all, he hadn’t rung carrier company like he said he would and even waved them on when they came past. Lucky the driver was coming past again, and picked up mine and another girl bag. So grateful for the helpful lady.

I started talking to an Aussie man who was sitting outside the Albergue having a smoke. So many people smoke in Spain and pilgrims. This man’s story was tragic. His 21 year old son had been murdered in Melbourne 3 years ago and trail had just finished, the murderer got 20 years. Dad taking time for him, walking the whole Camino, think he had lots stuck energy, was walking 40km some days, feet full blisters.Everyone has their story on the Camino.

This town is little run down, I walked up to hill behind where an old castle ruin was. A great view out over the town. Went back and sat in the sun in the garden but still quite chilly. I am sure winter is setting in and maybe some snow on hills.Dinner with some pilgrims, Ron from USA in his 60s, Lance from  USA in his 70s, German girl in her 30s who had been to Nz several times and loved it. Girl in 30s from Holland and her Mum who was in late 50s. Man from Sweden in his 40s. They were all just doing some weeks on the Camino…great night and conversations.




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