The Way…Suffering…or Joy

Day 6 Puente la Reina to Estella – Lizarra….supposed to be a flat walk today so decided to wear my Keen sandals as had a big blister on my right foot. The track was up and down. Passed through some very lovely ancient towns…really liked Cirauqui.A quaint medieval town set on top of a hill.Walked […]

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The Way….My Way

Day 4 Well the way is your own way, no one else. Started with breakfast and yoga stretching. Then set was only 8 degrees, I wish I had put my hat on. Got the pace going and got myself warm…After about half an hour I caught up with Jeanett this was her last day […]

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The Way…Into Spain.

Day 2. Caught the sunrise when going to breakfast. Rinir the German man I had meet asked if I wanted to walk with him. After talking to Jeanett who had already walked nearly the whole Camino the night before I thought it was a good idea to send my bag to next destination, over the […]

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The Way…Uphill views

Day 1 Left my accommodation at 9am, misty morning, couldn’t see far in front of me. Got on to The Way  easily and it immediately started to climb the hill on a road. Cool morning so I had merino, hat and polar fleece on. Took a half hour to get hot enough to take a […]

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Paris…..Heaven on Earth…

The flight from Kathmandu to Paris was long and tiring with just a few hours sleep as I flew via Dubai.What an easy place to arrive at, straight through customs with no questions,just a stamp to allow me to stay in Europe for 3 months. The place felt deserted after being in Kathmandu, also seemed […]

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To Retreat or Not?

The bus trip from the village to Kathmandu became an epic journey taking 11 hours. Coming in Kathmandu the last 40km was almost stand still for 3 hours. I arrived after 8 o’clock at night, hot thirsty and very tired. I found a taxi driver who was good enough to ring Nabin at the Yoga […]

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Heaven Hill Story  – Part 3

High lights of Heaven Hill Experience. Beautiful children.  Beautiful people. Peace,serenity and beauty. Himalaya mountains. Seeing a dream of a young man being pursued. Life experience. Fulfilment. Following my dream to volunteer. Joy of new printer at school. Sunrise and sunset s. Lowlights of Heaven Hill. Hard beds Leaches Mosquito s Rats No electricity sometimes. […]

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The Heaven Hill Story…Part 2.

Here I am 3 weeks later…on a bus heading to Kathmandu. It’s very bumpy and difficult to write. This time I have chosen a micro bus instead of the local one.Another experience, Shamser and Kopania had arrived back from Kathmandu this morning and said it had taken 10 hours cause of traffic jam.My bag is […]

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