The Way…..Light feet…Light body.

Day 26. Last night turned out quite entertaining really, nothing to eat in town so managed to find space in the kitchen amongst the Korean having a big cook up to make sardines on toast. Then hung out by fire for a while before going to my room. The bar / cafe was below and […]


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The Way…..Nothingness

Day 24 My walking buddy decides to move on by taxi as today is 17 km with nothingness, just walking gravel and sealed roads, fields that have been ploughed, no houses or farms.I decide I am going to walk..26.6 km. The morning is cold but warms up by 11 o’clock, along the Way I find […]

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The Way…Walk and Rest

Day 22 Fromista to Carrion de los condes…knowing we had a good 20km to walk today we had a good breakfast…set off about 930am , the wind is up today and it’s chilly. Apparently we are blessed that it has been such good weather so far,normally it would be cold wet and windy here at […]

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The Way…A fresh start.

Day 18. Got up at 7 and put my pack out for pick up. Then went back to bed as this head cold is hanging around. Got up 830 and found somewhere for breakfast. I headed off slowly out Burgos as the sun was starting to hit the buildings and Cathedral. Beautiful clear crisp morning, […]

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The Way…Rest ..Rest..Rest

Day 16 Had great nights sleep apart was fever and sore throat and feet. Did some washing by hand and hang in my room. No laundry service in weekend in hotel. Today is Sunday  22nd October. 22 years ago today I have birth to my youngest daughter Zoe Rose, oh how time flies but worth […]

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