The Eleven Keys….

The first two I had already shared. 1. Be present- just being in every moment. 2. Patience- Take time, build from the roots up.  3. Compassion- Our lives are of a temporary nature, life is fragile and impermanent. Always remember true compassion for self and others.Fully recognising your own needs and others. 4. Transmutation – […]


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Red hearts and Paitence.

19th August 2017 Off we go to Thickse monastery for the night on our way to Pangon lake.Here we will meditate with the monks and Taras.I awoke with lots red hearts going on in my mind.”let go and let God”.  Number two key: Paitence- do not push anything, life is how it is meant to […]

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The Day Has Arrived..

It been quite a journey to get to this point…plenty of things trying to block me.I had to keep rising above them. In my heart I knew this was all meant to be…saying goodbye to dear friends and family was sad but happy. As I set off on flight to Auckland and then Dubai and […]

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Allowing the Flow.

We are all human after all. Patience doesn’t always comes naturally. We often want everything now and don’t want to wait. Sometimes there is something better waiting around the corner, if we dare to wait. When we push, instead of allowing the flow, we end up with something we don’t necessarily want. It is our […]

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